Shelter & Livelihood

Our work extends beyond immediate disaster relief. We are dedicated to helping communities rebuild their lives and livelihoods after tragedy strikes. We understand that rebuilding takes more than just shelters; it requires a holistic approach that addresses physical infrastructure, access to energy, and economic empowerment.

Rebuilding Homes and Infrastructure

·         Street pavements and link roads for improved accessibility

·         Hand pumps and gravity water supply for clean water access

·         Sewerage treatment for sanitation

·         Energy provision through projects like flood protection walls and culverts

·         School renovation and construction to get children back into education

We have successfully completed 423 CPI schemes, directly impacting countless communities.

Empowering Through Livelihood Programs

This program empowers women to support themselves and their families, fostering a more secure and prosperous future for all.

Our Impact

Through these programs, HANDS International has made a significant difference:

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future for viable communities