Yemen Hope & Relief

Blanket 4 Yemen

The harsh Yemeni winter is upon us, and for countless families already struggling with the effects of war, staying warm can feel like an impossible feat. That's why HANDS International, in partnership with the incredible Yemen Hope and Relief (YHR), is proud to announce a winter blanket distribution campaign aimed at providing some much-needed comfort to those in need. 

Yemen Hope and Relief, founded by Ahmad Algohbary, has a deep understanding of the Yemeni people's plight. After losing loved ones to the conflict, Ahmad found solace in helping others. His organization works tirelessly to alleviate suffering and provide essential aid. This winter, HANDS and YHR are joining forces to ensure families have access to warmth during these frigid months. 

Distributing Blankets, Delivering Hope

Through this campaign, HANDS and YHR will distribute blankets to families identified by YHR as most vulnerable to the winter's harshness. These blankets will provide a vital shield against the cold, offering a sense of comfort and security during a difficult time.

A Beacon of Hope in Yemen

Yemen has been ravaged by war for years, leaving countless people struggling. In the midst of this crisis, a story of resilience and compassion shines through. Ahmad Algohbary, founder of Yemen Hope and Relief, found his purpose in helping others after losing loved ones to the conflict. 

Ahmad's journey began with a camera. He ventured out to document the suffering he witnessed, determined to share these real-life stories with the world. His powerful tweets resonated with people around the globe, sparking a wave of support for those in desperate need. 

What started as a single act of kindness – saving a young girl suffering from malnutrition – blossomed into a full-fledged mission. Ahmad, along with Yemen Hope and Relief, is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of Yemen's most vulnerable.

Recognizing the incredible work of Yemen Hope and Relief, HANDS International is proud to announce its support for this vital organization. Together, we aim to amplify Ahmad's efforts, providing life-saving aid and hope to those who need it most.