HANDS 4 Rohingya

Rohingya Children Receive Education and Hope in Remote Burmese Village

In 2022, Hands International and the Muslim Community & Education Centre (MCEC) joined forces with Rohingya Christian community in India to bring education in a remote area of Rakhine State, Burma, where schooling was scarce. Their year-long collaboration yielded significant results, offering vital support during Ramadan and facilitating the construction and operation of the Taung Chaung Literacy Centre (TCLC).

Building a School

The TCLC, led by teachers Fozol Ahmed and Mohammad, provided education to 65 students across three grade levels. The curriculum encompassed English, mathematics, and Burmese language, with 30 students in the first grade, 14 in the second, and 11 in the third.

Learning Takes Root

The students demonstrated remarkable progress, notably in literacy and writing. Previously unable to write their family names, they now tackled this task with ease. Their dedication to learning was also evident in improved attendance and personal hygiene, with students arriving in clean clothes, reflecting a newfound sense of pride.

Impact on the Community

The school's establishment brought about tangible changes within the community. Parents expressed immense gratitude for the educational opportunities provided to their children, many offering prayers for the continued support of the donors. Due to political and geographical isolation, this marked the first instance of formal education in the village since 1942.

Extending Support During Dhul Hijja

Beyond educational aid, the community received livestock for Qurbani during Dhul Hijjah, significantly boosting their morale and well-being.

Challenges and Peril

Despite these successes, the region grappled with ongoing conflict between the military and the Rakhine Army. This turmoil resulted in deserted villages, with both sides occupying Muslim areas for combat. Caught in the crossfire, the Rohingya community faced accusations of aiding the opposing side from both parties. This disrupted supply chains and placed residents in constant danger, with incidents of abduction and killings highlighting the precarious situation in which the school operated.

A Beacon of Hope

The establishment of the TCLC, amidst ongoing challenges, provided a crucial ray of hope for Rohingya children by offering them much-needed access to education. The continued support of Hands International and MCEC proved instrumental in sustaining the school's operation, ensuring that despite the surrounding turmoil, the children had a chance at a brighter future through education. The project, however, concluded in 2023.

Continued Support Needed

While the initial project at the Taung Chaung Literacy Centre (TCLC) concluded in 2023, the need for education among Rohingya children in Burma remains ever-pressing. We are seeking continued support to ensure the TCLC's doors remain open, providing these marginalized children with the chance to learn and build a brighter future.