Quality of Life for All in an Equitable, Humane, Peaceful and Sustainable World.


Our mission is to improve health, promote education, alleviate poverty, build infrastructure, and develop social institution for community empowerment.


HANDS was founded by Prof. A.G. Billoo in 1979. HANDS has evolved in 44 years as one of the largest Non-Profit Organisation with integrated development model and disaster management expertise. HANDS has a network of 45 offices across the globe and has access to more than 21 million people, nearly 24,275 villages / settlement. HANDS strength is 12 volunteer Board Members, more than 3500 full time staff and thousands of community based volunteers of over 5200 partner organisations.

Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) International, also known as HANDS or HANDS International, is a registered, tax exempted, Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy Certified and European Union accredited Not for Profit Organisation. HANDS has qualified the Institutional Management Program (IMCP) of USAID of management standards. HANDS also possess membership with Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) and the member of IUCN (International Union of  Conservation of Nature). HANDS International established its office in London, United Kingdom in January 2014. HANDS international is recognised as charity with HMRC, and is registered as Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with Charities Commission of England and Wales. HANDS International is also registered as NGO and has office in Nepal since 2015.

HANDS is working since 1979 with key programs in health, education, poverty alleviation, Disaster Management and cross cutting programs of Social Mobilisation & Advocacy, Gender Development, Human Resource & Institutional Development, Information & Communication, Monitoring Evaluation & Research, Resource Mobilisation and Social Marketing.

HANDS is working in social sector to develop the communities to meet the challenges of 21st century. Its mission is "to provide basic health services, primary education, income generation opportunities, gender equality, and development of institutions to empower the underprivileged communities".

HANDS Integrated Model of Development

These services are provided to the communities in coordination with local Community Based Organisation (CBO).