Qurbani 2022

 As Eid ul Adha is approaching us fast. It is time to fulfil the obligation placed on every affordable Muslim and follow in the foot steps of Ibrahim (AS).

You may be aware that for the past few years HANDS International has been performing qurbani on behalf of our donors in Yemen, Pakistan and Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. We are proud to inform you that this year we are also able to perform qurbani in Myanmar on behalf of our donors. This allows us to distribute meat to the most needy communities who may only get to eat meat once a year.

You can choose to offer qurbani in any of the following countries through HANDS International by following this link https://www.nowdonate.com/checkout/19k2y3g6nb29zgdnf299 . Choose ‘Qurbani’ from appeal dropdown list, state your choice of qurbani (share in cow / whole cow / sheep or goat) and the country you want the qurbani to be performed in the message box.


Share in cow - £75.00

Whole cow - £525.00

Sheep / goat - £125.00



Share in cow - £125.00

Whole cow - £875.00

Sheep / goat - £125.00


Rohingya refugee camp, Bangladesh

Share in cow - £100.00

Whole cow - £700.00



Share in cow - £65.00

Whole cow - £455.00

Your generous donation towards qurbani will make a huge difference to the lives of our brothers, sisters and children who are not as fortunate as us in life