Friday, 3 May 2019

Homeless Feeding in London

HANDS International & MCEC - Muslim Community & Education Centre run Homeless Feeding sessions in London every Saturday. This takes place outside LSE - London School of Economics, in Lincoln 's Inn Fields, Holborn, London WC2A 3PF.

These sessions are run by volunteers. Food distribution takes place at 6:30 pm on Saturdays.

Some volunteers cook / bring hot food, in individually packed portions. Some bring snacks, fruits, drinks, socks, warm clothes (weather dependent) and toiletries packs.

We also provide hot tea / coffee and snacks.

In addition to providing food to homeless we also bring along a Mobile Outreach unit, a converted ambulance to provide free health checks to homeless and refer them to local NHS facilities if necessary. This service is provided by qualified medics including paramedics, nurses and doctors as volunteers.

For last two years we have also been protecting these vulnerable people against Flu by inoculating them against Flu virus. This service is run with authorisation from NHS England. 

 I you able to help please join in.

Please donate at and choose 'Homelessness' in Campaign / Appeal sections.

To volunteer please email us at

Thursday, 2 May 2019

HANDS International and LSE 'GIVE' Soup Kitchens

1st Soup Kitchen – Held in 1st week of November 2018
This was our first soup kitchen of the term, and it went very well – we ordered enough food for the homeless in attendance and managed to distribute all the water bottles as well.  Points for improvement included engaging the homeless in conversation more to add a more personal aspect to the soup kitchen.

2nd Soup Kitchen – Held in 3rd week of November2018
Learning from our first soup kitchen, I attempted to involve more of the 1st year students in taking on roles of responsibility during the 2nd soup kitchen.  This involved assigning them tasks such as calling out the ticket numbers, setting up the apparatus and running the ticket shuttle system.  This proved to be a great success!

3rd Soup Kitchen – Held in 1st week of December2018
By now, we had a smooth operation in process, where each volunteer had a crystal-clear understanding of their specific role and how to tailor it to certain situations.  This meant our soup kitchen ran as smoothly as ever, with observers noting how efficient it seemed!
After our 3rd soup kitchen, I learnt that ‘GIVE’ had been nominated for and subsequently won a FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) award for Best Community Outreach initiative across ISOCs in the UK, a testament to the hard work the volunteers put in and the continued support of Palmers Green Mosque!

4th Soup Kitchen – Held in 2nd week of January2019
Following the holidays, I had to galvanise the volunteers into renewing our intentions as to why we run these soup kitchens, namely to please Allah (SWT) and attain His pleasure through helping the needy.  It was a timely reminder so that our volunteers continued their hard work with the core Islamic values at the heart of it, presenting the best dawah!
*** Total number of beneficiaries during each Soup Kitchen has been 150 + ***

Plans for the future
We plan to hold at least 3-4 soup kitchens before the end of term, with one interfaith soup kitchen during ‘Discover Islam Week’ with Jewish Society, Hindu Society and the Christian Union at LSE.  We hope to continue to have the support of Palmers Green Mosque!  Moreover, we are very interested in having a mobile clinic at future soup kitchens, to widen the scope of what we offer currently!

Free Cataract Eye Surgery Camp


HANDS International in partnership with MCEC - Muslim Community & Education Centre and Ashanti Development set up a Free Cataract Eye surgery camp in Gyetiase, Ghana. A total of 501 patients benefited from these eye surgeries and their eyesight was improved which help improve their lives and livelihood. 

School 4 Rohingya

Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugee children living in camps in Bangladesh still have no access to education.
In one area in Gundum, we know of 2,000 children who only had one little school serving about 200 children (the school in the photo below). Thanks to your donations, we are now building them another one!
We are also start a homeschooling service for those Rohingya children that can’t make it to school for various reasons, including trauma, disability, and family responsibilities.

Testimony Tailors

Testimony Tailors is a sewing co-operative run by Rohingya women who survived rape and massacres. They are now rebuilding their lives and families in a camp in Bangladesh. This is a shop with a difference: Every item you purchase here be given to a Rohingya refugee. All profits go directly to the Rohingya refugee women who make the clothes, with a small share allocated to their own sewing co-operative.