Monday, 30 May 2016

Are You Syrious?

The UNHCR spokesman Melissa Fleming expresses concerns about the living conditions of the sites in which people formerly staying in Idomeni has been evacuated.
Despite the evacuation has taken place without using force, some of the new sites provided by the Greek Government and financially provided by EU are below standards.
"Some of the refugees and migrants who had been living in Idomeni have been moved into derelict warehouses and factories, inside of which tents have been placed too tightly together. " says the UNHCR report. "The air circulation is poor, and supplies of food, water, toilets, showers, and electricity are insufficient. Refugees transferred by bus from Idomeni received little information about conditions at the new sites and the duration of their stay there."
Moreover, as families are also arriving spontaneously by feet, sites are already overcrowded.

UNHCR is seriously concerned about sub-standard conditions at several sites in northern Greece…

Friday, 27 May 2016

Brief History of HANDS International

A brief history of HANDS International by Prof A G Billoo, Chairman HANDS International.