Projects In Pakistan

For past 37 years Hands has been working in Pakistan to support suffering people in times of natural and man-made disasters as well as uplift the economic and educational standard of common man through our 'Integrated Model of Community Development'

Following are our ongoing projects in Pakistan:

1.   Primary Health Care (MARVI):
HANDS selects a village based girl and trains (2 months) her as a Community Health Worker (MARVI worker). 510 MARVI workers have been trained and are providing health services in their respective villages. The total cost of her services per year is £950 to serve a population of 1,000.

2.   Train a Midwife:
 HANDS Community Midwifery Schools are equipped to conduct hospital based 18 months diploma course for matriculate (10 years of studies) girls. They are later deployed in their respective villages for maternal and child healthcare services. HANDS has trained 356 community midwives. The total cost for diploma per CMW is £2000.

3.   Save the Life of Mother:
The high risk pregnant women referred to a private secondary/tertiary care health facility for management of complicated deliveries. HANDS voucher redeeming scheme saves the life of the mother by reimbursing the cost of management to hospital on behalf of poor mothers. HANDS has benefited 2643 pregnant women from this scheme. The cost of each redeeming voucher is £88.

4.   Build a Model Hospital:
The organization has plans to build 54 HANDS owned 20 beds private hospital by 2020. Each hospital will benefit a population of 75000. The total cost of construction of a hospital, with one year recurrent cost is £9000.

5.   Take care of Early Childhood Development (ECD):
The ECD model of HANDS, prepares children for primary education. ECD class comprises of a furnished room for 30 children 3-5 years of age. HANDS train the community based girl in specialist skills of childhood development. HANDS is managing 119 ECD schools and is benefiting more than 12000 children. The cost of developing 30 children is £1950 per year.
6.   Adopt a Primary School:
HANDS has facilitated many families to adopt public sector school. These schools are adopted by signing an agreement with education department of the government. HANDS renovates the schools, furnishes it, trains teachers, provides supplies and enrolls minimum 100 children. HANDS has intervened in 1304 schools. The cost of adopting a school for one year is £2600.

7.   Established a Model School:
The organization will establish 54 HANDS own 7 rooms school by 2020. Each school will cater for more than 150 primary school children. The total cost of construction of school, with one year recurrent cost is £38250.
8.   Shelter for the homeless:
HANDS provides one room shelter to  homeless families. The shelter comprises of a room, a veranda and a toilet. The construction material and design vary from district to district. HANDS has built 74,347 one room shelters. The cost of a shelter is £200 to £950.
9.   Safe Drinking Water:
HANDS also runs safe drinking water schemes, through provision of hand pump and boring. HANDS have established 2386 hand pumps. The cost of each water scheme varies from £88 to £530.

10.  Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI):
These schemes comprise of village level infrastructure like street pavement, culverts, water reservoir and drainage. 3549 schemes have been developed. The average cost of CPI is £176 per infrastructure.
11.  Poverty Eradication through Self Employment
The needy people are assessed and provided skill training for enterprise. Later financial support is provided to establish small business.
The average cost for each person's training for self employment is £250.

12.  Support us in building Institute of Community Development
The organization is already in process of constructing the HANDS Institute of Community Development. The Institute will benefit nearly 10,000 individuals per year of urban and rural population for skills development. HANDS has already purchased 6 Acres of land and construction has started on Super Highway Karachi adjacent to Baqai University. The total construction and furnishing cost is £1164800.