This afternoon the Prefecture officially announced to the Associations working in the Calais camp that the proposed demolition of the northern section of the camp will not go ahead.
The demolition of the Southern section of the camp was completed on Wednesday this week. The only structures remaining are Jungle Books Library and School, the Ethiopian Church, Baloo's Youth Centre, the Hummingbird Clinic and the Information Centre where the hunger strikers are currently based.
Over the last couple of weeks many refugees have left the camp but the majority have moved into the northern section. Some services, such as the Women and Children's Centre and Ashram Kitchen have also relocated to the North.
The Prefect has requested collaboration with the Associations on ensuring sufficient facilities for residents in the North since many of those in the southern part are no longer accessible.
We intend to conduct a new census next week to ascertain the total remaining number of residents in the camp and to map key areas, with a particular focus on the locations and needs of the most vulnerable.
We will also be building 2 new distribution points so that we can continue to distribute regularly and in a dignified manner.
We are particularly relieved that the hundreds of unaccompanied minors are not being evicted and sent to unknown destinations without proper assessments and safeguarding. We continue to campaign for the children who have legal rights under Dublin III to be reunited with their families in the UK.
We hope that the French Authorities abide by this decision.