4,028 residents of Calais and Dunkirk camps have now been vaccinated by excellent volunteer Clinicians of HANDS International.
There has not been an influenza epidemic and we kerbed the measles outbreak before it really got started.
THANK YOU for everything. We are hugely grateful, proud and indebted.
Our vaccination centre has been a first aid clinic, a classroom, a music hall, a games room, a dance floor, a therapy centre, a mobile phone workshop. A place to laugh (a lot), a place to cry and a place to seek refuge.
This amazing success is bitter-sweet as in the next few days our amazing space may be demolished by the French Government.
However, we are in talks with the French authorities to agree for a long term health-care provision facility in a suitably built camp for the refugees.
The money you raised, the donations and all the hours that many volunteers spent working tirelessly has all been in good faith and has improved the well-being of a lot of desperate and vulnerable people.
It isn't about us though. It is about the thousands of refugees who may be about to loose their 'homes', their communities. Their stability and their places to pray. They don't have much else.
Now to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and help in whatever way we can.
Please send all your love to the residents of The Jungle.
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