Struggle for Change - The Success Story

Burfat Muhalla (Quarter) is one of the settlement located in Yousuf Goth of Union Council -7, Gadap Town in Karachi City. It’s population is estimated to 4,500 people. The living style of residents of the settlement was same as other urban slums around the Karachi City. HANDS started working in Yousuf Goth for provision of safe drinking water through sustainable resources with support of WaterAid. Not only for achievement of the object but also to ensure sustainable development, the Water supply schemes are provided with community participation. HANDS was forming Muhalla WASH Committees in each settlement of Yousuf Goth for this purpose. Same was formed in Burfat Muhalla.
Burfat Muhalla Committee Chose Muhammad Ali Burfat as their chairman to lead the committee. During the norming phase although community faced some major challenges like:
  • Bringing the community at one platform and build level of understanding on basis issues of community.
  • Encourage individuals as well as the community to embark on a process of change.
  • Mobilization for the Contribution of community in Water Schemes.
  • Complete water schemes work with the help of community.
With some efforts the community resolved the issues and water supply scheme was provided by HANDS and each household of the area got the tap water in their home.
Apart from project targeted activities community made extra efforts to make some more betterment for their vicinity. They brought the whole community at one platform and mobilized them to identify their own needs and address these needs through physical or financial inputs.
Following are some the achievement of their struggles;
  • Solution of sewerage issues.
  • Cleaning of Streets.
  • Plantation in streets.
  • White wash on the external wall in whole area.
  • Garbage collection from each household on daily basis against minimal charges.
  • Continuous efforts to keep safety from garbage and sewage.
  • Community resolves their electricity problems almost 60% and for remaining 40% community tries to rent out PMT (Pole Mounted Transformers) on monthly basis.
  • Promotion of Health and Education.
Now they are in the process of making their streets concrete. Their struggle for Change makes their settlement different from others and set example for others to follow. Other committees, who visited them, are seeking their advice for change.
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